Bizarre things men do!


  1. Scratch balls like no one is watching – ‘for Pete’s sake’ – everyone watches when your hand slides down there and you adjust your family jewels.
  2. Pee in Public – its like a rule and a ‘MAN” thing to pee in Public – a birth right alright! Like your parents told you, go Son, live your life and pee on the road!
  3. Also, Pee Wars and Designer Pee on Walls is an irresistible game defining your friendship and gives true meaning to ‘standing Shoulder to Shoulder in Solidarity’.
  4. Tried to hit on a random girl on a Dare – well, guys nights are not about cocktails and bitching but about doing the guy thing! You are hanging out at a bar and your friends, from normal conversation about sports can somehow bring It to the point that “You can’t do that” and then take on a dare.
  5. Gossip Girl – let’s face it, guys talk about other girls too and wanna know what’s happening in their life too! Or putting it the guy way *clearing throat* – dude! How was the chick you had last night?!
  6. Assets and Liabilities –Every guy is either a boob guy or the Ass guy! – there’s no man who would sincerely accept “ I love you for what you are and happy the way you look”
  7. The Check list and Tick Marks after the first glance of a woman’s Stuff – mentally marking – good, bad, ok-ok, bangable, fabulous, squeezable? round enough? Will they fit in my hands?!
  8. Fart in Public – its funny when guys do it! The sound, the smell and everything about farting and the yeaaaaa sound after that!
  9. PJ Night – watched tom & jerry day in and day out and laughed your guts .
  10. Self Obsession – walked around in front of the mirror atleast for an hour setting your hair with gel atleast twice before you walk out and giving the same model look with loads of attitude in it!
  11. Super Hero T-shirts – yea they are awesome and every guy has atleast one stored in the closet!
  12. WWE Craze – watched wrestling and the greatest superstars like Bret Hart, Triple H and Undertaker and tried those moves on your sister by pinning her down and counting out loud 1,2,3! *Victory hands and game face on*
  13. Stand hours together with friends outside a Pan Shop smoking n talking but will not go to a coffee shop nearby cos it’s boring and somehow GAY!
  14. Walk into a bar and pretend like you know every guy there and go do the bro hug and Klink the mugs not knowing a single guy’s name.. the best friends effect after 5 beers!
  15. Have a fantasy sexland where you are the only guy and there are 5 girls on any given day.
  16. Watching yourself in the mirror while doing it and thinking “yea, I look good! N the one that I’m doing too!
  17. Saw 2 sticks and started a sword fight instantaneously!
  18. Did (very cool) matchstick tricks to impress friends!
  19. Had a make believe gun in your hand and hummed the Pink Panther tune to crack an unsolved mystery. Smiled after humming cos you remembered it and are still good at it.
  20. Saw a Bean Bag and Jumped onto it to settle down, 2secs later all your guy friends jump on you cos it’s just fun to thrust your butt up against a friend’s face! N yell “smell it man, smell it”!
  21. Who hasn’t watched a foreign cartoon! Definitely not understanding the language but liking the graphics in it.
  22. You know, Sound effects should just be made by guys, why use stupid audio equipment! Watch a guy play with toy cars and Playstations, the skid a car makes on the tv = the screeching noise you make while tilting your body to the left! Oh! Guys and Machines!
  23. Wearing your girlfriend’s sexy Lingerie/nightwear to prove how comfortable you are with your body…while doing this, bring your ‘breasts’ together to show how sexy you are and to feel what a girl feels! guy feels sexy when there’s no air for your balls or the thong is stuck up your ass!
  24. Get a sneak peak of a woman’s boobs while pretending to listen to her. And trying really hard so the girl doesn’t notice that glance.
  25. The awkward connection when the girl figures out what you just did and you are thinking in your head “oh! What the hell, she wore that dress for people like us to see!”

Instead of just calling your friends bro, you start adding these dumbass slang words like bruv, brah, and brotha!


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